It’s good to meet you!

Hi, I’m Pranavi. I am a coach and facilitator. I work with individuals in organizations and personally. My coachees have nothing ‘wrong’ with them. In fact they are doing great for themselves already. Often they’d like to do something ‘more’ but aren’t sure what. Or they know what they’d like but need to figure out how. Or they’d like to find more meaning where they are. Or they’re just figuring out that all is well as it is.

I’m passionate about the infinite potential that we all have. I feel that we often forget how powerful we truly are; through my interactions, I like to remind people. Consider myself your friend, confidante, sounding board. I will listen without judgement, believe in you but challenge you.

Thoughts become things. Things manifest twice- once in our minds and then again in reality. I help improve quality of thinking. I help clear the lenses through which people look at themselves and the world- to gain clarity to be their true selves. And in the process, I know myself a little better!

I am committed to a journey of self-awareness and mindful living, which basically means that I try to live in the present moment- sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. The cornerstone of my life is balance. In work and play. In self and others. My biggest little teachers are my two daughters. Joyful is each moment learning from them! Joyful is this coach’s journey!

I enjoy writing and reflecting and hope to share some of that here with you.


2 thoughts on “It’s good to meet you!

  1. Hello Pranavi, I am very pleased to have found you online. I am looking forward to associate with a coach and I would like to discuss more with you on this regard. Can you please suggest me what is a best way to reach you. I can be reached at 988-526-0100

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