Hitting a wall…and what does a camera have to do with it?

stockvault-nikon-digital-camera101965In the last couple of days, I’ve been feeling at a bit of a dead-end with something I’ve wanted to do. In this case, I realize that I hadn’t really articulated what I wanted to achieve, so the blur in my mind was a bit natural. I also realized that there were other areas where I had crystal like clarity in what I wanted; those areas in my life were smooth sailing, though it didn’t feel like I was putting in as much effort. In actual fact, I was putting in effort- it just didn’t feel like it because I knew what was  to be done! Kind of like ‘I put one foot forward and then the next’.

Ah..so at 5.30am I wake up with the thought that where I’m hitting a wall, I’m clear somewhere in my mind but it’s not in my spotlight. (In neuroscience terms, the prefrontal cortex is the spotlight of the mind. We can place 4-5 things in his spotlight at a time without the view going blurry on us- but that topic deserves a separate or several blog posts)…..and yes these 5.30am thoughts can be an apple falling on our heads but look so obvious to others! One person’s aha! another’s aherm?

So I crawl out of my warm bed and find myself….well…. reading a photography blog.

This took me back to the said wall and why I’ve been feeling helplessness there:

The question came. What’s been my focus?  

Has it been on x, y or z? Maybe I am stuck here but something else is going smoothly there? Is that chance or have I been focusing on those other things. What’s going well there? How’s my thinking there? Can I give myself  credit there, learn from it and apply it here?

Do I need to zoom in a little more closely on this particular goal? Is there blur in my seeing and thinking? Do I need to sharpen my focus?

Am I looking at the wrong thing right now? Do I need to shift my focus somewhere else?

Is my thinking too narrow Do I need to put on the wide-angle to include more things?

Do I have the long angle lens on- am I thinking too far ahead of myself and missing the view under my nose? Can I break down the goal so I can see it happening as I go along?

This much was enough to re-approach the wall. Time to refocus. Hope these thoughts help if you’re stuck somewhere.

Oh…and it was a beautiful photography blog 🙂


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