You might make someone’s day…….

Someone made my day…..I have a friend on facebook, who I’ve not met but always admired for the passion with which she dreams and determination with which she takes things on. I never took time out to tell her, till she reached out one day to ask where I’ve been, as she’d been missing my blog posts.

Have you ever had a thought cross your mind- something that you appreciate or admire about someone?Have you had the thought linger, wondered whether it should be said, then have it disappear again,merging back with the hoi-polloi in your mind?

Many a time we have internal conversations that might positively affect someone- a complete stranger, an acquaintance, colleagues or partner. Why do we hold back- fear expressing? Does it render us too  vulnerable? Does it take too much time? Are we waiting for appreciation first? If we give, will we be a little poorer inside? Do we think that the other person won’t value what we have to say?

It’s been said that most of us rarely compliment ourselves in our internal dialogue. Our workplaces are all too often built around feedback that’s not constructive. We possibly take that back home to our family and friends. While our mood or self esteem shouldn’t count on what another is thinking, expressing positivity feels good. Acknowledgement is an important part of our conversations.

What can you acknowledge yourself for? What can you acknowledge in the person in front of you? What’s that compliment you’re holding back?

Say it- it might make someone’s day!


7 thoughts on “You might make someone’s day…….

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