So close…yet so far!

It’s okay to be lost. We all are at times. What’s important is that we don’t stay stuck to the point of despair.stockvault-sepia-bridge135964

I was chatting with a lady going through transition.She seemed perplexed that she could be stuck though she was a reiki practitioner and spiritual/ introspective. She’d left her regular job and was searching for what to do now. With some preliminary answers, she moved forward only to get disheartened; all these more interesting options  aligned with her passion and skills but did not seem to be financially rewarding enough. We chatted and I left her with a tool to help her understand her core values and asked a few questions so she could begin to think of her purpose;

“What would I do if I had nothing to lose?”
“What would I do if I felt no fear?”
“Who are my role models?”
“What would my role model do, if in my shoes?”
“Who would I be if I was not judging/ evaluating myself?”
She was enthusiastic and wanted to complete the tool and questions that evening…. only to realize that she had to dig deep and hadn’t understood how out of touch with her real self she was.
What a great insight! In times where we barely get a moment to our selves, how good to know that we are far away from ourselves! Now the journey can begin……

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