Still true?

stockvault-pencils126087What are your strengths? What are your limitations? (Yawn!)

Questions- the kind we think about before interviews or performance appraisals and maybe at New Year’s. We’ve been told what we are good at and not, (whether we really want to know or not) by bosses, peers, well wishers, well-meaning significant others and even psychometric tests! We often form our self-image based on some of this information. We accumulate this knowledge about ourselves over a period of time through school, college, work, in relationships, life situations. We may internalize some of it and reject the rest….but it’s all there stored in a neat package, tucked up in our mind somewhere. Maybe we pull out some of these labels about ourselves at various times; “I’m too outspoken”, “I’m a bit of a rebel”, “I’m not creative”, I’m best suited for____ not_______”, “I don’t fit here….”, even “I’m good at….”. These labels might have been good to go at a particular time or in a particular situation. But at a different time and place, is it still relevant?

I was speaking to wonderful lady the other day. She is at a career crossroads and narrated how she had meandered to this point. Much of her journey had been about having strong opinions, caring too much, standing up for a belief, all in all feeling like a square peg in a round hole. As we spoke we realized that these aspects about her may not have made best friends of superiors…however as she embarked on a journey of doing more independent work, not in regular corporates but in a sector where she was dealing with  strong social issues….these qualities were her strengths. These were the ‘labels’ with which she had the passion to make a difference in situations that would make others squirm.

What have you accepted aboutyourself? What are your long-held beliefs? What have you convinced yourself of? Do they stand true today, here, where you are now?

Would love to hear!

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2 thoughts on “Still true?

  1. Bang on! Don’t you also think that labels sometimes are about peer pressure as well? In this highly opinionated and high strung world of today, everybody voices out, everybody wants to fit into a pre-created label, or create labels. My long-held beliefs, about violence, alcohol, drugs, sex, values, has undergone a sea change from say 10 years ago. And I am sure another 10 years down the line, or perhaps 15, there will be a sea change again in my thinking. Today holds good, with the awareness that tomorrow will be different. That allows me the freedom to not be so rigid about most things anymore. I pick the label “open” for myself. Tend to forget this sometimes in the humdrum. But always come back to it in moments of reflection such as this. Thanks for the post! Look forward to many more.

    • I love this ‘Today holds good, with the awareness that tomorrow will be different. That allows me the freedom to not be so rigid about most things anymore.’

      So well put Indo. I think you’re right…it’s all about reflection!

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