Pups..or a pack of wolves?

A few years ago, a street dog gave birth to a litter of pups in our building. She cared for the little ones in the basement parking. They were tiny and the mom was incredibly weak. My elder daughter and I decided that we would give food for the mum and her babies each day, on the way down to school. We continued to do so for some time, till the pups were strong and the mum let them wander off alone. Soon we couldn’t keep track of the pups and looking at them, we couldn’t really say if they were ‘ours’. But knowing they were out of danger, we forgot about them.

Some time later, I had dropped my daughter off to school and was headed home. All of a sudden, a group of street dogs surrounded me. They didn’t seem to be aggressive, but were all around- a couple walking alongside, a couple behind and one ahead. They were pretty large and persistent. I was carrying some groceries.. so maybe they were expecting food. But they being street dogs, and a little too close for comfort, I rushed off.

But as I reached home, it dawned on me that the dogs had not been menacing… there was a familiarity with which they approached and walked with me. They were well….even friendly. It struck me that they could have been our little pups from the basement, though I had not been ready to find out. Though I did not recognize them, they still saw me with my daughter each day. They might possibly have remembered how we fed them.

That’s when it struck me; there are so many things that look like sure-shot threat to us but in actuality could be of no harm. When fear, panic or suspicion takes over, one doesn’t see clearly. The friendly neighborhood dogs look like a pack of wolves.

I wonder if anything of that sort has happened to you? What’s distorting your view of life? What are the proverbial pack of wolves hounding you?


photo credit: stockvault.net


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